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Keep your pellet mill running smoothly longer, for less

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ROCOL provide industry leading lubricants to the food and animal feed markets as well as delivering training on best usage to ensure machinery operates consistently and efficiently.

When your business relies on the smooth running of key equipment, it is vital that both planned and unplanned downtime on production lines is kept to a minimum.

This puts into focus the need for high quality maintenance, using high quality products.

Animal feed harvest

Animal feed harvest © ROCOL

For animal feed mills that produce tonnes of pellets every week, looking after your ring die machinery is essential to the smooth running of the production line. 

Preserving the life of the machine bearings is key to the continued running of the mill whilst minimising the cost of replacement parts.

A technically advanced food grade lubricant, such as ROCOL FOODLUBE PREMIER 1, is proven to keep pellet presses operational, significantly reducing the cost of bearings and greases while delivering minimum downtime and maximum output.

Featuring high load and wear properties, ROCOL FOODLUBE PREMIER 1 helps save money by extending bearing life in one case by as much as 150% against a competing product*.

Animal feed

Animal feed © ROCOL

On application, ROCOL FOODLUBE PREMIER 1 requires four times less grease than other brands**.

This reduces the risk of surplus grease passing into the feed pellets during production, thus reducing the risk of product recall.

And when it comes to quality assurances, you’re in safe hands with ROCOL.

Featuring DETEX technology to prevent plastic contamination, FOODLUBE PREMIER 1 meets NSF H1, ISO 21469, Kosher and Halal standards, helping you ensure that the animal feed you produce is of the highest standard.

Available in 50kg packs, FOODLUBE PREMIER 1 can operate under high load demands and in temperatures ranging from -30oC to +1800C, fitting a wide range of environments and demands.

Animal feed © ROCOL

For optimum production and high-quality output, your first choice is ROCOL FOODLUBE PREMIER 1.

* OEM found bearings using ROCOL FOODLUBE Premier 1 ran for 15 months over competitor product which ran for 6 months.

** 45g per hour of ROCOL FOODLUBE Premier 1 over 200g per hour of competitor grease as recommended by pellet mill OEM.

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