Kenprest dispersal sees second calver top 1100gns


Nuthurst Serena - Lot 73 035 resize.jpg

Pedigree Guernsey‘s topped 1100gns for a second calver at the Nuthurst dispersal last week. The Myown Shot Blastoff bred cow, Nuthurst Serena calved in April and is currently producing 28kg daily. She joins the Kenprest herd, Dereham, Norfolk.


The top price bulling heifer on the day was from the last of the renowned Princess family, Nuthurst Princess 610th, selling for 800gns at eighteen months.


The Serena family was also keenly sought after with the unserved heifer-Nuthurst Serena 3rd also being taken by Mr Prestidge, Norfolk for 500gns at six months old.

Averages: Cows in 2nd/4th lactation and calving September to 900gns averaging £848.92

cows in 1st/2nd lcatation to 800gns and average ^612.93; Served heifers 640gns; cows in 3rd/5th lactation and freshly calved in April to June to 800gns and average £745.50

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