Lamb trade tops at 177p/kg at Frome

A mixed quality entry of 330 lambs and 30 cull sheep at Frome Market met a similar trade to last week (6 August).

The best lambs topped at 177p/kg from S White. Top price a head reached £78 and SQQ was 161.83p/kg. The stronger, continental weights were keenly sought after.

The well fleshed heavy lambs were easily sold but the majority of those on offer were on the lean side and would have benefited from more finish, say auctioneers.

A fair trade for cull sheep was met after a varied entry in terms of quality with no strong fleshed ewes forward. The better types topped at £74.50 from BL Tayler and Partners. The medium sorts sold generally to £50 with the very plain ewes trading either side of the £30 mark.

Store lambs met a very good trade particularly when compared to the fat demand. The better lambs peaked at £59 from CW Hibberd, with medium sorts all in excess of £40.