Lambing in full swing for Charlie Armstrong

The scan man Mr Fox has made his annual visit and if he’s correct we’re going to have a lot of lambs.

We’re averaging about 165% on the ewes and then 70% on the ewe lambs. Any ewe lambs that are empty will be fattened and sold. One thing that is interesting is there is very little difference in lambing percentage between the different breeds we have.

All the ewes have been fed on silage since the beginning of January, but with plenty of grass fields that have been closed up, the twins will be put onto these after having a fluke dose and the singles will continue being fed on silage. I can see us feeding the twins on organic cobs in a few weeks just to keep them in good condition.

Winter ploughing is now all finished and the seed dresser has been in, so when the weather permits drilling will commence. Spring barley undersown with red or white clover is the order of the day. After having success with chitting the potatoes last year it is being carried out again. A full team of staff have been filling and stacking chitting trays.

With close on 2,000 store lambs still left, it’s good to see the price slowly rising, whether it reaches last year’s prices is anyone’s guess but it’s looking good. Unlike our SFP cheque which has still not appeared.

Farmer Focus: Charlie Armstrong

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