Lambs sell well at Cutcombe Christmas Fat stock show and sale

Trade at Cutcombe 29th Christmas Fat Stock show and sale benefited from additional buyers including local butchers looking to purchase the show winning animals.


Lambs sold very well with an overall average of 193p/kg with the prize winning lambs making prices between 250- p/kg.


Light lambs (59) sold to realise an average of 204.75p/kg and peaked at top price of the day 421p/kg, £160/head for a pair from Messrs F J Hayes and Son, Great Nurcott, with the next best prices achieved by Mr S Norman making 297p/kg for his lambs and Mr C Hayes selling his pair of show lambs for 282p/kg.


Medium weight lambs (145) averaged 193.65p/kg and peaked for Mr S Norman who sold a pair of 45kg lambs at 293p/kg (£132/head). Other strong prices were achieved by Mr R Takle who sold his lambs for 275p/kg (£121/head) and Messrs F J Hayes who made 268p/kg (£118/head).


Heavy lambs (82) sold to an average of 185p/kg and a maximum of 265p/kg (£130/head) for a pair of 49kg lambs from Chargot Estates. This was followed by Mr M Scott who sold his lambs for 212p/kg and a price a head of £106.


The extra-large lambs (9) made for an average of 175p/kg and a peak of 194p/kg converting into a per head price of £98.50.


Store lambs (114) averaged at £69 and peaked for Miss P Marke at £86.20. Other notable prices were achieved by lambs donated to the Minehead Harriers selling for £86 and lambs donated to Cutcombe Church which sold to £80.


Grazing ewes (310) sold strongly to average 76.50 and peaked at £114 for ewes from Messrs DW Jones, Higher North Radworthy. Other significant prices included Chargot Estates making £110 and Messrs RP Elston & Son making £108.


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