Late harvest for Iain Green

The recent mixed weather has encouraged good grass growth, and with the cattle having plenty in their grazing fields, the decision was made to apply fertiliser for third-cut silage. This should hold us in good stead for the winter.

Harvest did not start quite as early as anticipated, resulting in us grudgingly purchasing extra barley and straw for the pig unit. Thankfully, combining began on the 23 July, with both good yields of barley and straw. Some of the straw was no sooner baled and it was off to bed the courts.

The finished pig price is struggling to maintain its recent level and has actually slipped back by a couple of pence a kilo in recent weeks. It annoys me to think processors are still continuing to import and use foreign pigmeat when the British pig industry is on its knees. Pigmeat looks by far the best value for money for the consumer and is actually too cheap in comparison to the other meats on sale on the supermarket shelf. The price of pigmeat and the huge feed costs involved are going to make it yet again another bumpy ride for the pig sector.

By the time you read this the withdrawal period for the preventative treatment for fly strike on the lambs will have passed and the first selection will have been marketed. Hopefully, the price will stay at the current level or increase to help cover the ever increasing costs.

Autumn calving cows are looking in ideal condition. If only we could have sunny weather, which would be a huge benefit for both the spring barley harvest, which is just under way, and the autumn calving.

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