Latest sales news from St Boswells

St Bowsells saw more than 600 cattle, 743 ewes and 3448 prime lambs passing through the ring at this week’s sale.


The top price bullock at 188p was from Upper Nesbit selling to M/s W T S Forsyth.  The 64 bullocks forward averaged 171.7p/kg, minus 1.9p on the week and sold to 188p, gross £1268. The 13 young bulls averaged 155p/kg up 2.3p on the week and sold to 161p, Gross £1009.


Top priced heifer was from Pathhead. The 85 heifers averaged 167.8p/kg, down 0.6p on the week and sold to 191p, gross £1049.


The 39 beef type OTM averaged 121p/kg and sold to 156p, gross £1294. The six dairy type OTM averaged 82.9p/kg and sold to 102p.


On the sheep front prime lambs sold to £67 for Suffolk’s from Braefoot Farm, Turiff and 136.9p/kg for Texel’s from Lower Ashtrees, Jedburgh. Cast ewes and rams sold to £67 for Suffolk‘s from New Channelkirk.


Other leading prices saw Suffolk cross making £57.20 from Hartside, Texel‘s at £66 from Hyndsidehill and Beltex to £53.20 from Falahill.


The 743 ewes averaged £41.78 and sold to £67. The 3448 prime lambs avarged 115.6/kg and sold to 136.9p/kg (£67)