Limousin Show 2012: Bulls

Carrying on with the bulls;

Class 6: Bulls born between 01/05/10 and 11/05/10
1st: M T Jones’ Bailea Flint (Lot 154)
2nd: E S and E Norman’s Norman Fungus (Lot 155)
3rd: J and W Arnott’s Haymounth Firefly (Lot 150)

Class 7: Bulls born between 12/05/10 and 17/05/10
1st: Derek Hume’s Culnagechan Fantastic (Lot 165)
2nd: Heald and Co’s Coachhouse Frontline (Lot 164)
3rd: R Cruickshank’s Kype Factor (Lot 161)

Class 8: Bulls born between 18/05/10 and 22/05/10
1st: Bruce T Goldie’s Goldies Black Forever (Lot 173)
2nd: P R Dawes’ Dinmore Fortune (Lot 178)
3rd: J and J F Nimmo’s Maraiscote Fixer (Lot 181)

Class 9: Bulls born between 23/05/10 and31/05/10
1st: N P Wilson’s Reddings Fantastic (Lot 187)
2nd: J and I Handley’s Gunnerfleet Fanfare (Lot 198)
3rd: J and J F Nimmo’s Maraiscote Finlay (Lot 192)

Class 10: Bulls born between 01/06/10 and 13/06/10
1st: Bruce T Goldie’s Goldies First (Lot 209)
2nd: John Oakes’ Millstone Festin (Lot 205)
3rd: Breconside Farming Partnership’s Breconside Flashman (Lot 208)