Limousins health initiative soars ahead

Participation in the British Limousin Cattle Society’s Herd Health Initiative has continued to grow with 128 herds, representing 4573 pedigree Limousin calves, having registered for the financially incentivised initiative. This represents an increase on the year of 20 herds and a further 740 calves.

This means that of the 18,348 pedigree calves registered with the Society last year a very encouraging 25% are from herds operating within industry-licenced health schemes.

The British Limousin Herd Health Initiative offers financial support to breeders who are making a long term investment into herd health assurance through being a member of a Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS) approved scheme. Herds within a CHeCS scheme are able to make a claim each year based on the numbers of pedigree calves they have registered in the preceding twelve month period.To receive the financial support, herds need to adhere to the terms of a CHeCS licenced scheme and have an approved animal health scheme in place through either the Biobest Herdcare Scheme, SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme, HI Health Scheme, NWL Advance Cattle Health Scheme or the AFBI Cattle Health Scheme.

This must include a whole herd test for Johne’s disease. As a result of the increased uptake, The British Limousin Cattle Society will pay out more than £9000 to participating herds for 2007.

Commenting, British Limousin Cattle Society Development Manager Richard Saunders said: “These figures are positive and underline the Society and its members’ commitment to herd health. An extension of this has been the successful introduction of standardised Herd Health Sale Declarations in 2007, and now available at all Collective Society Sales in 2008 and going forward.

“It is further backed up by the results of the recent Bull Buyers’ Survey where 94% of respondents confirmed that herd health status was a significant factor in bull purchase and selection.”