Limousins maintain market share in British beef industry

 Figures from the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), for the 2011 year, show that the British Limousin breed has maintained its number one ranking in market share of the British beef industry. 


This is the sixteenth consecutive year that the breed has led the rankings and since the figures first became available through the establishment of BCMS in 1996.

In a significant change to the rankings, the 2011 figures also show that Aberdeen Angus has now replaced Charolais as the second ranked numerical beef breed in Great Britain.

Through the 2011 year 1,794,392 beef-sired calves were registered in total which encouragingly was an increase of over 13,500 on the 2010 figures and bucking the downward trend in total numbers seen in recent years.  Of the animals registered 560,038 were sired by Limousin bulls representing a 31% market share and a marginal drop of 0.7% on the year. 

Moving into second place, Aberdeen Angus-sired calves registered in the year totalled 257,962 – an increase of 14,783 on the year and reflective of a 1% increase to an overall market share of 14%.  Charolais-sired calves in the year dropped by 7086 to 251,881 and an overall market share also of 14%.  

Again in line with recent years, England shows the biggest variation to the national rankings with Limousin being followed by Aberdeen Angus in second, British Blue third, Charolais fourth and Simmental in fifth position.