Leading production bull dies

The death of a leading production and type bull could see his semen stocks run out rapidly in a bid to secure his genetic legacy.

The bull, Jenny-Lou Marshall, came through the last Holstein proof run with outstanding performance figures, including more than three points on type and more than 700kg milk.

The news is a devastating loss for Dairy Daughters, who had secured most of the international semen stocks of the bull. But his prompt death means future supplies will be limited.

For years, Lou has almost been level pegging to his well known fill brother, Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory, but he had moved some way ahead on many important traits, explains Dairy Daughters, Alison Lovell.

“This includes Type Merit at 3.02, mammary composite at 2.92, ranking him 16th in the UK, legs and feet at 2.04 and weight of milk at 712kg. With the bonus of being BB for kappa casein – an important benefit in milk destined for cheese – we don’t expect supplies of this bull will be around for too long.”

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