Blaney Agri offers a simple cubicle bedder

Northern Ireland maker Blaney Agri has added the CB Discus cubicle bedder to its growing range of products. This, it says, can deal with a range of bedding materials, including sand, shavings, sawdust, chopped straw and lime mix.

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It can be used with a range of bedding materials that allow it to fine-tune the finish users want, it adds, and the self-loading, hydraulically driven machine can go on any standard front or rear three-point linkage, telescopic loader or skid steer. There is a range of sizes and a galvanised finish is standard.    

The twin-disc system gives a customised spread pattern and air inducers and independent high-speed motors improve spread quality and distance. An effective agitator with wide-reaching flights is said to prevent bridging in the hopper, while a stepped feed system with a high-torque motor gives a constant feed of bedding material. 

The cubicle bedder will help to ensure clean and comfortable beds for your cattle, says the company, and give improved health and milk yields. It also claims to save up to 50% of bedding material compared with manual bedding and the whole job is done quickly from the  cab.