Feeds Handbook launched at Dairy Event and Livestock Show

The latest Alternative feeds Handbook from KW Alternative feeds is set for release at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show in September. With the addition of a unique. easy-to-use Feed Solutions table, feed choices and comparisons will be simplified by categorising each option based on its ability to tackle specific feeding issues.

A simple table prioritises the basic feed-related parameters for on-farm issues, such as dry matter intake, milk yield and fertility. A second chart will allow a quick comparison between the various feeds available, based on these priorities.

The alternative Feeds handbook also contain nutritional specifications of the complete range of KW moist, dry and liquid feeds, together with advice on how best to use them in ruminant rations. It also includes feed descriptions and details and availability in terms of seasonality and geography.

Free copies of the booklet will be available on the KW stand at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show or call direct 0845 355 9935