Loddonvalley Holsteins disperse to a top of 2600gns

Several young cows topped 2000gns on a day that saw trade reach 2600gns at the dispersal of E E Marks and Son’s 340-strong Loddonvalley Holstein herd at Basingstoke, Hampshire this week – and even cows with “issues” found no shortage of takers.

Around 25% of the cattle required qualifying statements from the rostrum concerning, fertility, feet or udders, but buyers were undeterred and levelled the 161 cows and calved heifers at £1342.

Lot 131 £2600.jpg

The 2600gns top was reached three times. A fresh second calver by Bosside Reuben carrying the Charavon herd prefix was one of them and she joined 16 other purchases made by Messrs Spiby and Partners, Chichester. A 10-weeks calved Sinatra heifer from the Loddonvalley Smelly family also made 2600gns to C Pugh’s Kemplecourt herd in Gloucestershire. Mr Pugh also took a Convincer sired fresh heifer at 2550gns.

James Crosbie-Dawson, who runs the Freefolk herd at Overton, also paid 2600gns for a fresh heifer from the heavy milking Pastime family. Mr Crosbie-Dawson bought 17 head.

The strongest trade was for served heifers with 38 averaging £1700. Six of them made 2000gns or more peaking at 2400gns for one due next month by Alanta Gaylord. Maiden heifers sold to 1100gns.

Averages: 161 cows and heifers £1342; 38 served heifers £1690; 49 yearling/bulling heifers £901; 52 heifers under 12 months £606. (Norton and Brooksbank).