Lovel Holsteins hit 2050gns at Sedgemoor

Last week’s dispersal of the Lovel herd of Holsteins at Sedgemoor for John Churchouse saw trade peak at 2050gns for Lovel Shottle Maureen, a third calver, last calved in November and which had yielded more than 10,000kg in both of her first two lactations. Her heifer calf then topped the calves, selling at 550gns.

Also making 2050gns was Lovel Shottle Viola, another third calver, this time calved in December and with a PLI of £148. Her heifer calf then made 520gns.

Others at more than 2000gns included second calvers by Lucky Mike and Sildahl Airraid from the Joane and Geertje families.

In the fresh calved heifers Lovel Shottle Bountiful and Lovel Detective Geertje lead the way, both selling at 1900gns.

Averages; 155 cows and calved heifers £1451 21 in-calf heifers £1278, 52 maiden heifers £692.39, 46 heifer calves £396 (Greenslade Taylor Hunt).