Molton youngstock disperse to 1650gns top

The first part of the Molton herd’s dispersal sale kicked off with a flying start taking just two and half hours to sell the 211 heifers. Buyers from many parts of the South West were joined by others from Somerset, Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire.

Sale leader was one and a half year old Molton Home Gretal 56, a served heifer and daughter of Moet Nansen. She was sold for 1650gns to Wales Scott Holsteins, Taunton, Somerset.


Wales Scott Holstein also went on to purchase Molton Park Elf for 1520gns, a one and a half year recently served heifer, daughter of Hanno ET.

Lot%2010%20-%201520gns.jpgThey also paid 1500gns for Molton Park Lark 10, an 18 month old heifer, also recently served.

Second highest price paid was 1600gns for Molton Park Betsy 24, daughter of Moet Nansen. She sold to Mr Cook, Filleigh.

A packed sale ring kept trade consistent with in calf heifers reaching an average of £1526 and recently served heifers averaging £1299. Bulling/yearling heifers averaged £1173.

Six to twelve month old heifers averaged £762, with a top price of £880 being reached for daughters of Duce and Enos. Progeny of Enos, Cook-Farm Detective and Joylan Rowell calves made roughly £595 each (Norton and Brooksbank and Kivells).

And one special one that really didn’t want to be sold………