More Carlisle intermediate bull results

Judging is continuing apace here at Carlisle, with the intermediate bulls progressing well. In class 10 the winner was Hudscales Expert (lot 133) from the Cowx family, with Tremlows Eros (lot 146) in second from the Forresters and Allanfauld Elijah (lot 139) in third from Archie and John MacGregor.

In class 11 the red ticket went to Culnagechan Executive (lot 162) from Derek Hume, second was Hafodlas Endaf from Messrs Roberts and third was Dinmore Ernie from Paul Dawes.

Then in class 12 it was a win for the Aiken family with Carnew Edition (lot 177), second was Haltcliffe Echo from the Ridley family (lot 167) and third was Kype Eastwood from the Cruickshanks (lot 165).

The final class of intermediates is underway now, so I’ll bring you that result and the championship result in due course……