More DELS heifer in milk results

Taking the top ticket in the Dairy Shorthorn heifer in milk class was Churchroyd Kirklevington 17 from I R G Churchroyd and Partners. This is an Innisfail Prince of Diamond daughter.692011 Dairy Shorthorn  Heifer Champ.JPGSecond to her was Rodway Safie 4 from G A Madeley, she’s a Rodway Byron daughter, then in third was another from the Collins’, Churchroyd Heather 48, a Drisgol Watson daughter. And following on in fourth spot was Rodway Butterbur 51 from G a Madeley.

In the Jersey heifers in milk the winner was Estill Comerica Radience from D P Manning, she is by Bridon Remake Comerica. 692011 Jersey Heifer Champ.JPGThen second to her was Woodbine Olympic Athena from Coldeaton Jerseys, this is by Wellhead Giller Star.

Third place in this class was won by Rapidbay-UK Reputation Radiance from Rapidbay-UK, this is by Rapidbay-UK Laramies Reputation and in fourth was Mydrim Remakes Tara 2, a Rock Ella Remake daughter from J D Evans.

Fifth spot in this class was taken by Goodtime Shyster Hale from A C Timbury, a WF Amadeo Shyster daughter.

Just three in-milk Guernsey heifers were forward for the breed’s class, with the winner here being Rosewood Tradition Suzi from D and H Cox. This is by Brown Eden Tradition, second to her was Cadbury Hawk Onyx 2 from C J R and S M H Evans, she’s a Jens Gold G Hawk daughter. Third in this class was Sharnford Lucinda from Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses, this is by Land of Living P Garrett.