More Simmental and Charolais pictures from Perth

At the end of another day here in Perth I’m pleased to say its been a good day all round with the Simmentals having a solid, healthy trade to average £4544 for 129 sold (89% clearance) and the Charolais putting a show of real quality, with strength in depth among the bulls.

The Thrunton champion is as expected an outstanding bull, but there are plenty more likely to be troubling buyer’s bank managers once the sale gets underway tomorrow. I’m quietly confident of a cracking trade, but where it will peak is anyone’s guess, there’s talk of serious money being spent, but how much is anyone’s guess.

For now though I’ve put more photos in the gallery, including the 16,000gns Simmental and all of today’s champions in the Charolais, so take a look and we’ll be back tomorrow for more of the same…..