Mule ewe lambs average £95.53 at Lazonby

The annual Alston Moor sale of Mule ewe lambs at Lazonby yesterday saw the best trade many could remember, with the average for the 19,545 lambs forward rising by £19.55 to level at £95.53.

Topping the trade were the second prize pen from the NEMSA show from Messrs J Lee and Son, Parson Shield. These sold to Messrs Jenkinson.

Also selling at this money were a pen from Morley Hill, while making £205 was a pen from W D and B Thompson, East Unthank which again sold to Messrs Jenkinson. At £200 was a pen from Gapshield.

Then making £180 apiece was the champion pen from the pre-sale show, a pen from G R Wharton and Sons which went to show judge P Elliot.

lazonby mules.JPG