Near complete clearance at Bristol dairy sale

All bar two of the 60 cattle consigned to the February Bristol Dairy Sale found new homes with prices ranging from 500 to 2200gns. An average of £1642 for the pedigree cattle revealed a sound if not spectacular trade, as buyers voiced concerns over dwindling feed and bedding stocks and a wish for a long, hard and unprofitable winter to come to an end.

Robert Horton of the highly regarded Hinton herd sent seven splendid fresh cows to the sale averaging 52kg daily. This consignment averaged £2030 and included the top price of 2200gns  for Hinton Talent Carol 2 GP-83 2yr. Having given 10,104kg at 4% as a heifer she sold to John Hill of Messrs M.A Jeanes (Farms) Ltd giving 49kg daily after 4 weeks into her second lactation.

John Hill also claimed a smart Shottle daughter from the famous Lynne family at 2150 gns. Having posted 13,465kg in her second note this VG-85 young cow was sold giving 56kg daily.

Roland and son Simon Bugler consigned a very tidy group of 11 heifers from their good Bettiscombe herd in Dorset. These levelled out at £1878 apiece, selling to a top of 2150gns for a superb heifer by Woodmarsh Asterix. Bred from a 12,000kg dam, she was just 11 days calved and giving 32kg. She travels to West Wales to join the Caria herd at St. Clears.

Averages; 18  cows £1676, 24 calved heifers £1678, 42  pedigree holsteins £1677, one Brown Swiss cow £1596, 17 Non-pedigrees £982 (Norton and Brooksbank and Gwilym Richards).