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New bolus range expands with three extra products

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The Denis Brinicombe Group is a leading family owned and run manufacturing and sales business providing a global customer base with animal health and nutrition solutions for over 40 years.

Following the successful launch of its boluses, the Denis Brinicombe Group has expanded the range with three new products in order to meet the needs of a wide range of cattle:

  • EnduraBol® Biotin
  • EnduraBol® Pre-Calver
  • EnduraBol® Organic

Keith Greig, Denis Brinicombe Group managing director, explains that it is essential to stay on top of the nutritional needs of cattle to help optimise productivity.

Which is why all the products in the range reduce the risk of micronutrient imbalances in grazing and forage fed cattle over 150kg, through a sustained release of nutrients.

Optimising healthy hoof structure

“The first new bolus, EnduraBol® Biotin, provides up to four months supplementation of six essential trace elements: cobalt, selenium, copper, manganese, iodine, and zinc as well as three key vitamins.

“These boluses also deliver a targeted supply of ~20mg of biotin per day, helping to reduce lameness by optimising the hoof horn structure keratinisation,” says Keith.

“In support of this, evidence from studies* shows that cows supplemented with this level of biotin per day had better locomotion while helping high yielding dairy cows reach their potential.”

Supporting calving

A second new offering contains the same trace elements and vitamins, but in levels tailored to pre- and post-calving cows and heifers.

“EnduraBol® Pre-Calver delivers an accurate and sustained release of these vital micronutrients for up to four months, to support the cow either side of calving and optimise post-calving recovery for future fertility.

“By promoting a healthy immune system in the run up to calving, EnduraBol® Pre-Calver also supports foetal growth and development,” says Keith.

An organic option

Finally, EnduraBol® Organic supplies the six essential trace elements for up to six months, in order to maximise production and performance potential in both beef and dairy cattle.

Every bolus is manufactured using cutting-edge patented technology and each pack of EnduraBol® contains a 10-cow supply of boluses which can be administered using a recommended bolus applicator.

For more information about the EnduraBol® bolus range, visit your local merchant or go to our website

For further information, read the Journal of Dairy Science article “The Influence of Long-Term Supplementation with Biotin on the Prevention of Lameness in Pasture Fed Dairy Cows” (PDF)