New record of £7,200 set at Brecon Show Potential Sale

Records were smashed at Brecon sale of show potential cattle on Saturday (13 February), where heifer trade was up £143 on the year and a new top price record of £7,200 was set.

The day’s record setter and sale leader was the overall supreme championship winner, a Limousin cross heifer from JA and AM Lewis, Pumpsaint, bought by C J Harris, Little Lambert, Devon.

1322016 Lot 52

This led a run of strong prices for Limousin cross heifers, with an offering from TM and EE Williams, Llanidloes, selling for £5,200. This one was knocked down to B Dufton, Huntley, Aberdeenshire.

1322016 Lot 3

Next in the money was another Limousin cross heifer at £3,500 from TM and EA Powell, Talgarth, which headed to J K Beckett, Weston.

A British Blue cross heifer from JAV Mills, Builth Wells, sold for £3,400 after catching the eye of AF Cook, Ivybridge.

1322016 Lot 56

Smaller throughput on the year was buoyed by a surge in demand, with six fewer cattle forward on the year, said auctioneer Chris Jones.

“Trade was fantastic,” he told Farmers Weekly. “Not as many cattle were forward as last year, but the quality was probably better, with some cattle exceptionally well turned out. Everyone appears to have upped their game.

“Saturday was the strongest support we’ve had in terms of buyers at the potential sale in a long time, with a great deal of interest from Ireland and Scotland, as well as England and Wales.”

He added that steers were up £16 on the year, while heifers levelled at £1,865, a “remarkable” feat considering female prices started at £750.

“Stand out prices were down to the personal preferences of buyers,” added Mr Jones. “Both red and black heifers seemed in demand, we also had a mottled Shorthorn at a good price.

“Best prices seemed to be for Limousin cross Blue animals; that particular combination was sought after whether it was a Limousin or Blue sire. A few good prices for Charolais cattle were also seen.”

Other notable prices included a Limousin cross from DH Morgan, Llandduesant, Carmarthenshire, which was knocked down at £3,200 to MG Tomlinson, Kilburn.

1322016 Lot 63

Next a British Blue from JAV Mills, Builth Wells, sold to MJ Alford, Cullompton.

1322016 Lot 57

PJ and T A Jones then had Limousin crosses at £3,000 and £2,600, heading to E Davies, Taunton, and J and R Jerman, Whitney on Wye.

A British Blue cross from RW and LA Jones, Builth Wells, saw WS Layton and Sons, Leominster, bidding to £2,250.


Leading trade at £3,250 was an offering from Colin and Wendy Phillips, Hereford. He was the pick of C J Harris, Devon. The Phillips also sold the third highest steer, another Limousin cross, which saw Mr B Dufton win the bid at £2,250.

The champion steer from DE and G Davies, Llwynpiod went for £2,300 and headed north to Mr B Dufton, Aberdeenshire.

1322016 Lot 66

A Charolais cross was next in the money at £2,250 from JAV Mills. This one was bought by NM Leighton, Goole, Yorkshire.

This was the last of four steers to break over the £2,000 mark. A Limousin cross from DS, DA and PA Brute, Brecon, narrowly missed out at £1,950, heading to WS Layton and Sons, Leominster.

Two steers were then knocked down at £1,500. One was a Limousin cross from DJ Lloyd and Co, Trefeglwys. He was bought by DED Davies, Aberystwyth. Second at this money was a British Blue from JL and DA Davies, Rugby. He was bought by D Scarborough, Great Ponton.

Averages: 34 steers; £1,450 and 39 heifers, £1,865.