A solar colossus

Just when you thought the UK poultry industry was making leaps and bounds in using renewable energy those Americans have to come along and deliver a massive dose of one one-upmanship.

Perdue Farms has finished the first part of its massive 11,000 panel solar set-up at its feed mill and offices in Bridgeville, Delaware and Salisbury, Delaware. The Bridgeville installation is now completed with 6,720 panels producing 1.6 megawatts of power.

Compare that to Roger Bowen’s poultry farm array, profiled in Poultry World’s July issue, which is the largest privately owned solar installation in the UK but suffers in comparison to Perdue producing 500Mw of electricity.

Find out all about their shiny solar glory here…

I especially liked the amperage/voltage comparison which explains the operation of serial and parallel circuits. I think they might be overestimating the interest of their audience.

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