An easter egg hunt…on a battleship

There’s the right way to do things, the wrong way to do things and then there’s the American way to do things.

I think an Easter egg hunt on a retired battleship has to qualify for the latter, even if it wasn’t being undertaken in North Carolina.

The host vessel is the retired WWII battleship USS North Carolina, now museum, moored across from downtown Wilmington.


The USS North Carolina in all its pre-Easter egg hunt glory

Kicking off at 2pm on April 22 screaming children will swarm onto the this former Goliath of modern naval combat to hunt for Easter eggs, play on a bouncing castle, visit a petting zoo and partake in pony rides…for an additional fee.

A lucky few kids will even get to snag a photo with Buddy the Battleship Bunny!

What a obscure, exciting and slightly disturbing day out for the whole family. If you’re in North Carolina please please please go along.

And send us a picture of Buddy. 

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