At sixes and sevens over egg boxes

Total respect to Kevin Coles of the British Egg Information Service for his recent appearance on Simon Mayo’s “Homework Sucks” feature on Radio 2 this week

The question the nation wanted answered was “why are eggs sold in packs of six or 12? Is it because the boxes look nice?”

Brown Eggs (W Short).JPG

Step up Mr Coles with the insightful observation that “eggs are sold in boxes of six or 12 because of the Imperial measurement system”.

But he did not stop there and went on to explain that the industry once tried to introduce boxes of seven, “when it was declared that cholesterol in eggs was not a problem” and it was OK to eat an egg a day.

And then he explained that the trays in fridges are only designed for 10 eggs, as that is how eggs are sold in Europe. Ever the marketer, Mr Coles suggested that consumers should make an omelette with the two spare eggs.

Opportunism of the highest order!