Blackpool – fading gem or spiritual home?


blackpool compressedGunter, the Feathered Forager has been “on location” a few times during his five-year reign as the UK’s premier poultry blogger. Rio de Janeiro, the Swiss Alps and even a trip to space (well, SPACE) rank high among his more exotic destinations.

But his recent visit to the north-west took him to what for many remains the spiritual home of the UK poultry sector – Blackpool.

The location for the Egg and Poultry Industry Conference for a number of years, many readers hold fond memories of this bustling seaside town.

And, despite the leaden skies, the suspiciously brown sea and the presence of cryptosporidium in the local water supply, Gunter too was won over by the town’s intrinsic charms (no, not really!)

He even made friends with one of the locals – though with an avian influenza protection zone just a few miles down the road, he made sure to keep his distance….true love