Careful what you wish for….

The poultry sector is full of surprises, but the Forager was particularly shocked to find a plastic wishbone inserted into an envelope containing a press release.

wishboneAll became clear, however, when it emerged that the communication, from those clever Dutch folk at Meyn Poultry Processing, was all to do with the company’s new bone detection system.

Using dual X-ray imaging technology, the system can monitor up to 440 split filets per minute, detecting calcified bones as small as 2mm with 99% reliability, it claims.

And the plastic wishbone? Well, according to the press release, “breaking a wishbone while making a wish is said to make that wish come true”.

“But finding a wishbone with the Meyn BoneScan 440 ADX has nothing to do with wishful thinking – it is a guarantee,” it added. “Of course there is always something else to wish for, so we hope the attached will help in making them come true.”

The Forager was keen to give it a go. But the wishbone was more fragile than anticipated and snapped before his wish for a bucket could be made.