Chicken wing haters


Special thanks to Rick on Flickr for this image of delicious buffalo wings.

Another of our ongoing occasional series is our defence of what may be the world’s greatest food stuff, chicken wings and specifically American buffalo wings.

We’ve seen Jim Carrey blame chicken wings for a poor score in ten pin bowling and a man cause a four car pile up with a chicken bone but now a professional baseball player in the USA has blamed a bad game on wings.

Of all the things, shocking.

Johnny Cueto, who plays for the Cincinnati Reds and apparently is one of the best pitchers in baseball, told a local paper a bad batch of chicken wings led to a lack lustre performance.

“I had bad chicken wings at the hotel,” he told The Cincinnati Inquirer “Felt like I was going to throw up. I’m good now. I’m ready to pitch tomorrow.”

I share the incredulity of the author of this blog at Larry Brown Sports. Imagine that, blaming innocent chicken for his own shortcomings. I’m offended and so should you be.