“Go to work on an egg” revival

The classic “Go to work on an egg” ad has made a minor comeback, appearing alongside a series of commercials from the 1960s in the advertising breaks during the first episode of the new series of Mad Men.

go to work on an egg.jpgThe ads starred legendary comedian Tony Hancock and the slogan is attributed to Fay Weldon, although she claims she was just the manager of the team who created the famous line.

Never ones to miss an opportunity to push their product, the ads have been latched onto by the British Egg Industry Council

“Although the black and white ads may have aged slightly, the messages are still as relevant today,” said BEIC chairman Andrew Parker.

“Eggs offer fantastic value, are one of the most nutritious foods money can buy and are a great natural source of nutrients, including high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. This is why eggs are still as popular as ever, more than 50 years on.”

For those (of us) who can’t remember the ads, here’s a taster