Gymnasium to build those pecks


chicken gymYou’d have thought backyard chickens would have range enrichments enough.

Assuming they are occasionally let out of their Eglu runs, or whatever other housing arrangement the average backyard keeper lavishes on their flock, most are able to express their natural behaviours through such activities as scratching up the lawn or excavating the pot plants.

But it seems in Texas they like to take it a stage further. “Working out” was invented in the USA, so perhaps we should not be surprised by the introduction of the “chicken gym” by those dudes at Crazy K Farms.

According to the email that recently reached the Feathered Forager, “the easy to assemble Tunnel and Slalom Chicken Gym, and the Hoop and Hurdle Chicken Gym, provide hours of entertainment for pet chickens – and their people”.

“With a handful of treats, chicken owners can quickly and easily entice their pet chicken through the tunnel and around the slalom poles, or train them to jump through the hoop and over the hurdle.”

Cost of the gym comes in at $29.99, but if it keeps those chooks out of the pansies, then I suppose it might be worth it.