New appointment under wraps….

We did a bit of research the other day and discovered, somewhat to our surprise, that some of the best-read stories online are about new appointments.silhouette-woman

It seems there is an appetite for news about the “movers and shakers” in our industry.

Coincidentally, the next day we got to hear about an interesting job move. A fairly senior executive in an industry-leading processing business had got a job as assistant to an even more senior executive in an even bigger business.

We contacted this even bigger business seeking confirmation and a statement. After all, our readers like this sort of thing and we assumed the company concerned would be proud of its new staffing arrangement.

But it seems old habits die hard. Six days later, following several calls and emails, we got our response. “No comment.”

The Forager regrets that we are unable to bring you any more information on this interesting development…