Poultry World embraces Olympic spirit

Excited about the Olympics?

Forum user freeranger seems especially underwhelmed

“I’ve had one customer, who does Farmers Markets in London, actually cancel one batch of birds, as he reckons there won’t be the people out there buying food,” he writes.

“I don’t know anyone out of my customers who supplies the London market that has increased orders because of it. The only beneficiaries are obviously those with those silly red tractors on their packaging.”

But his downbeat comments are eclipsed by those of Dick.

“In my opinion the whole thing is a silly and infantile waste of money we don’t have and money which we will lose as a result of this grotesque show of wasted human endeavour. Playing games is for children, not grownups.”

That’s the spirit!

Oh – and here is the scene outside the Poultry World office just five minutes ago:

Olympic flame.jpg

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