Radio 4 fox control


Thanks to broadsurf for our shot of an urban fox in London

According to The Telegraph a farmer in Dorset has found that BBC’s Radio 4 is so boring that it is repelling foxes from his swannery.

As a keen listener to Radio 4, when I’m near a radio which is rare, I’m a little miffed. Then again I must admit to having a moment of terror as I began napping on the motorway while listening to a slow interview on the station.

Anyway the farmer was advised on the technique by a poultry producer who accidentally left the radio on overnight.

”I never knew the name of the farmer. He was from Devon and was visiting the swannery. We thought it was a big joke at first but he eventually convinced us that Radio 4 worked for him and so we thought: ‘if it’s worked for him, it should work for us’.” said Dave Wheeler swanherd of Abbotsbury Swannery.

”He said he found out by accident. He left his radio on and he didn’t lose a chicken that night.” 

Dave turns the radios up to maximum volume and leaves then at the weak points along the defences of the Swannery. The swans apparently don’t care as they are used to human voices.

Considering PW has a pest control special coming up it’s worth a look…