The Dark Night Gate

Here at the Forager/Poultry World it’s not often we are sent piece of kit to try out, that is the preserve of the machinery desk and the communities desk of our sister publication Farmers Weekly.

But this week a mysterious box arrived on editor Philip Clarke’s desk containing…


The Free-Range Night Gate!

As you can see our lovely blow up birds are still floating around so we thought we’d give the gate a trial run.

At night, after closing the pop holes the hen finds its way to the gate. Once at the gate the bird pushes its head through.

A (1).JPG

As the bird moves through, the gate opens allowing the bird to enter the shed.

A (2).JPG

Behind the bird two other gates close in giving it a little push, and stopping it from going backwards.

A (3).JPG

And this is the trick, the doors at the back close in in such a way that they allow chicken inside but they would close in around a fox or dog stopping it in its tracks and forcing it move back out of the gate.

A (5).JPG

A (4).JPG

In theory it looks fantastic but in practice it might be a little different.

If you’d like to trial the gate or have some comments to give please leave them here and we can discuss.

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