Up to your ears in Oeuf

During the recent SPACE 2011 Livestock Conference in France I did my usual trick of heading into town and having a look the eggs on the shelves of the local supermarket.

As usual it’s a many and varied experience with different artwork, box sizes, production standards, GM requirements etc.

So here is a snapshot of French layers and packaging as it was in Rennes in late September.


A four pack? Weird.


Quality graphic design.


“No GM” prominently on the generic eggs packet. The French are very conscious of GM.


Produced in Brittany.


A 10 pack of generic cage eggs. Hidden on the bottom shelf but still many packets were taken.


Are these specially designed for making egg and soldiers? I don’t know but I took the picture because the girl looks like an Asterix cartoon character.


Another one. How do you make eggs specially for making egg and soldiers? Are they pre-boiled? Somebody help me out here…


Generic BIO (organic) eggs from Carrefour.

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