Happy Egg takes advantage of huge demand for non-cage eggs in US

Noble Foods has taken advantage of “massive growth” in non-caged egg demand in the US, with Happy Egg now the leading brand in the country’s free-range category.

The company has tripled its distribution since it entered the market in 2012, and is now selling in 6,000 retail outlets. 

Market data suggests consumption of caged eggs has dropped from 95% to 85% since then in the US, with consumers increasingly switching to barn or free-range.

In a market with a laying flock of more than 200 million birds, it represents significant numbers.

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Happy Egg says it is the only “100% free-range” egg brand in the US, and was the first to be American Humane Certified – marking high production standards.

The ethos of Happy Egg is to offer enhanced welfare to its hens, and point to this with strong branding.  

Jenni Danbi, marketing director for the fledgling American business, said: “The free-range category is booming and we are excited to see how consumer purchasing habits have changed in such a short amount of time.

“This trend is set to continue and, as more major food giants are phasing into free-range eggs, the Happy Egg Company is pleased to be at the forefront.

“By growing our flocks and expanding into new regions with Walmart, Food Lion and other retailers, we will continue to provide our consumers with the highest-quality eggs from hens cared for to the highest humane standards.”

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