Project sheds light on post-slaughter treatments

Consumers could soon be able to get a more consistent eating experience from mutton.

A new £25,000 project, launched by EBLEX in collaboration with the University of Bristol, will look into the effects of different post-slaughter treatments on the quality of mutton.

The project will look at specific post-slaughter techniques including hip suspension, electrical stimulation and maturation periods.

EBLEX head of research and development Kim Matthews said: “In theory, successful techniques used with old season lambs should work the same with mutton but we need to verify the benefits before issuing any advice.

“Mutton is a niche market but this work will help us refine information on what gives the best eating experience for all of those consumers who enjoy it and those in the supply chain in England.”

The project, which is due for completion in spring 2012, has been prompted by the growing demand in the Halal sector and the ongoing work with the Mutton Renaissance project.

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