RSPCA seeks farmers’ and vets’ views on bovine TB

The expert opinions of farmers and their vets are being sought on proposals to help eradicate bovine TB in a new RSPCA consultation.

The animal welfare charity is urging farmers and vets to have their say on its new management measures aimed at eradicating the disease.  

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The RSPCA’s report, It’s not all black and white: managing bTB: an evidence-based approach, suggests a number of new approaches to tackle the disease.

These include:

  • Strengthening biosecurity, biocontainment and cow resilience
  • Strengthening and supporting the role of vets
  • Improving the approach to and accuracy of TB testing
  • Moving to badger vaccination

Emily Coughlan, vet and RSPCA ruminant expert, said: “Our proposals to address bovine TB puts every farmer at the centre of their own tailored management programme, whereas up until now, the only option being offered to farming communities is to kill badgers.”

The RSPCA’s consultation is open until 1 November and is being hosted by Survey Monkey