Shorthorns take Surrey title

A two year old Beef Shorthorn bull, Pode Hole Yeti, from Charles and Sally Horrell, took the beef inter-breed championship at Surrey County Show at Guildford.

Reserve in the beef lines was the Hereford heifer, Hawkesbury 1 Marigold, shown by Messrs Edwards and Elliott.

The Holstein champion from Ken Freeman and Son led the way in the dairy inter-breed line-up, standing ahead of the Ayrshire winner from Maggie Howie.

The sheep section was headed by the Southdown breed champion from Hannah Turner, with the Border Leicester from Philip and Rosemary Whitcombe reserve.RESULTS


Interbreed C Horrell’s Beef Shorthorn Pode Hole Yeti; reserve, R Edwards and G Elliott’s Hereford, Hawkesbury 1 Marigold.

Aberdeen Angus P C Stovold and Son’s Rosemead Ekim; res, A E and C R Bishop, Warrenho Juliet Erica.

Hereford R Edwards and G Elliott, Hawkesbury 1 Marigold; res, P. Noel and R. Snelling, Sarabande Bafca.

Sussex C E and W S Millson, Trottenden Major 2; res, M K D Hind, Mayfield Gipsy 8.

British Charolais Rupert Taylor, Rumsden Axita; res, B A and P T Heath, Sackville Bellissimo.

Highland Mr and Mrs G G Hedges, An Viseag 8th of Croc Mhor; res, S. Tedbury, Molly.

Beef Shorthorn C Horrell, Pode Hole Yeti; res, L E P Farms, Meon Hill Zeus.

Any other native breed S Harrow, Waterfield Melba 2 (Murray Grey); res, W and J Murphy, Castlemast Cherry Pie (Gloucester).

Any other continental breed Buriton Estate, Miscombe Victoria (Limousin); res, Rupert Taylor, Rumsden Bogeyman (Limousin).


Interbreed K G Freeman and Sons’ Holstein; res, M D M Howie’s Ayrshire.

Ayrshire M D M Howie; res, C Chamberlain.

Holstein K G Freeman and Son; res, C J and S E Elmes.

Jersey C R T Pierrepont Farm; res, C R T Pierrepont Farm.

Dexter Mr and Mrs P W Hunt; res., S Tarrant.


Interbreed H Turner’s Southdown; res, P A and R A H Whitcombe’s Border Leicester.

Suffolk P Margham; res, P A Rycraft.

Texel L E P Farms; res, Drayton Farm Partnership.

Southdown H Turner; res, A. Lambert.

Hampshire Down V Miles; res, E Spice.

Any other native breed or cross P A and R A H Whitcombe (Border Leicester); res, S Dunsdon (Poll Dorset).

Rare breed H B Sutherland (Greyface Dartmoor); res, L D Kiverstein (Dorset Down).

Any continental breed or cross V Miles; res, V Miles.

Jacob S Jones; res, Mr and Mrs F F Higgins.