“Stand on” trade at Sedgemoor

Greenslade Taylor Hunt reported a very similar entry at 193 cull stock and a “stand on” trade at Sedgemoor Auction Centre. Meat cows continued to shine out from the rest. Top was 151.5p/kg for a lean red Limousin cow from Messrs Chargot Estates. Natives peaked at 146.5p/kg for a Hereford from Messrs J and R White. Better sucklers made high 130’s. Good meat 125p/kg to 130p/kg plus.

Sucklers sold to £1,360.81 for a tremendous Charolais from Messrs M Harrison Partners. Other good sucklers more over £1,100 at £1,134.24 for a Charolais from Mr A S Cowling; £1,133.60 for a South Devon from Mr C R Wyatt and £1,101.08 for a British Blue from Messrs P G Bowditch and Son.

BLACK and WHITE cows topped at 133.5p/kg for a proper British Friesian from Messrs A E and P F Triggol. Another best cow (HF) at 132p/kg from Messrs M and B Rich. Better cows made 125p/kg plus.

CULL BULLS sold to £1,232.11 for a Blonde from Mr CC Hayman. OTM heifers to 142ppk for a Brown Swiss from Messrs B J and C A Ellis and Son. Holstein Friesians sold to 137.5p/kg from Mr NW Doble.