Steady Limousin heifer trade at Carlisle

Limousin heifer trade has been very steady here at Carlisle with a lot of heifers failing to sell at anything more than commercial trade and some strong heifers easily bought at little money.

Topping the trade at 4300gns was the first in the ring from George Hutton. this was Cloughhead Dewdrop, an Objat daughter out of Cloughhead Annabelle, a Ugues daughter. She sold to the Richardson family, Ghyll House, Appleby.

Following that at 2800gns was the second from George, Cloughhead Deidre. This is another by Objat and is out of Cloughhead Mandy, a Cloughhead Jurassic daughter. I’m not sure on the buyer of this yet.

After that at 2500gns was Cloughhead Edith, a Baril daughter out of Cloughhead Britney, a Ugues daughter. She went to Mr Brogden.

Selling away at 2100gns was Cloughhead Evette,  a Cloughhead Ace daughter out of Cloughhead Rosette, another Jurassic daughter. And then at 2000gns was Cloughhead Edna, this is by Ugues and out of Cloughhead Sheila, a Petunia daughter.

Making the same money was Cloughhead Eva, a Japelou daughter out of Cloughhead Amy, a Cloughhead Umpire daughter. She sold to Mr Brogden. Also at this price was Cloughhead Enid, a Cloughhead Ace daughter out of Cloughhead Treasure, a Greenwell Major daughter.

Three others also made this money, the first of which was Homebyres Elderberry from John Logan. She is a Threaphurst Butch daughter out of Homebyres Thrift, a Homebyres Homer daughter. This one has a beef value of +22. The second entry from John Logan, Homebyres Elisabeth, also made this price. She’s by Homebyres Arnott and out of Homebyres Saybeth, a Haltcliffe Najinsky daughter and has a beef value of +16.

The other to take this call was Cowin Ffiola from the James family. She is sired by Uskudar and out of Drysgol Miola, a Sundalee Invader daughter.