Stirling Bull Sales 2013: Beef Shorthorn continued…

Lot 370 Carey Coombs’s Dunsyre Ethlered, sired by Dunsyre Asterix and out of Dunsyre Briar Rose 4th sells for 2,500gns.

Lot 371 Playfair Farms’ Tofts Wellington E707, sired by Tofts Premier X691 and out of Tofts Winberry T332, sells for 3,600gns.

Lot 372 J Scott and partners’ Fearn Empire, sired by Balmyle Crackle and out of Fearn Passion, sells at 4,800gns.

Lot 373 Highland Wagu’s Quoiggs Eye Of The Tiger, sired by Chapelton Brogie and out of Quoiggs Proud Murial, sells at 2,000gns.

At the same money is lot 374 C Lowther’s Lowther Enduro 2nd, sired by L S Animal and out of L S Capri.

Lot 375 Playfair Farms’s Tofts Academical E729, sired by Tofts Jovial S147 and out of Tofts Augusta X654 sells at 6,500gns.

Lot 376 D Dickie’s Knockenjig Eclipse, sired by Canvas Northern Light B277 and out of Glengloy Flossy Camilla, sells at 4,800gns.

Lot 377 A Hall and L Done’s Galla Emperor, sired by Galla Atlas and out of Bon-Accord Rose Duchess 18th, makes 2,000gns.

Lot 379 William and Jill McAllister’s Burnside Elite, sired by Crega Dice and out of Burnside Bluebell sells for 8,500gns.

Lot 381 Mr and Mrs B Launders’ Cairnsmore Elvis , sired by Elliot Boo Boo and out of Cairnsmore Averell Tessa 1st sells for 3,000gns.

Lot 382 Glenapp Farms’s Glenapp Evolution 1451, sired by Glenapp Apollo 562 and out of Glenapp Ruby Z79 sells for 1,800gns.

Lot 383 Highland Wagu’s Quoiggs Frontier E528, sired by Chapelton Brogie and out of Quoiggs Ruby Foxgloveflake A sells for 1,500gns.

Lot 387 Playfair Farms’s Tofts Lionheart E754, sired by Tofts Atlas Z900 and out of Tofts Lovely Z912, sells for 4,200gns.

Lot 392 H Horrell’s Podehole Edmond, sired by Holmere Hercules and out of Podehole Tasmin, sells at 3,500gns.

Lot 395 Playfair Farms’s Tofts Whisky E775, sired by Tofts Jovial S147 and out of Tofts Wineberry B1236, sells for 8,000gns.

Lot 397 Thomson, Roddick and Laurie’s Shawhill Einstein, sired by Alvie Blue Eyedboy and out of Sandwick Celtic Rose, sells for 2,000gns.