Stirling Bull Sales: Blelack Jupiter Eric sells for 10,000gns

Lot 215 Messrs T H Brewis’ Eastfield Joey Eric L260 by Rawburn Rochester E424 and out of Eastfield Jo Erica E492 sells for 4,000gns

Lot 216 Messrs T H Brewis’ Eastfield Blacksmith L261 by Rawburn Rochester E424 and out of Eastfield Blackbird C238 sells for 3,500gns

Lot 217 John S Fleming ESQs’ Stairhaven Robust L974 by Galawater Bruno H440 and out of Stairhaven Rosebell H587 sells for 3,500gns

Lot 219 Ballindalloch Home Farms’ Ballindalloch Master Peter L360, sired by Rawburn Elysium and out of Ballindalloch Paloma sells for 6,200gns.

Lot 223 Thomas M C Rennie’s Mosston Muir Eross, sired by Rawburn Lord Ross C216 and out of Mosston Muir Eline D080 sells for 2,200gns.

Lot 229 Blelack Lord Highclere, from Messrs N F Massie and sons sells at 4,500gns. Sired by Pershore he is out of Blelack Lady Heather D977.

Lot 230 Bryan S Ronan’s Jerusalem Delius L212, sired by Blelack Blackstock A227 and out of Jerusalem Diana, sells for 2,400gns.

Lot 232 J Robert Galloway’s Cardona Everest L772, sired by Ballavitchel Blackbarclays Prem and out of Cardona Evon B146 sells for 3,000gns.

Lot 232 Messrs T H Brewis’ Eastfield finn L270, sired by Rawburn Edge and out of Eastfield Fun H885, sells for 4,500gns.

Lot 236 Playfair Farms’ Tofts Ermacey L774, sired by Nightingale Quincy and out of Tofts Ermine sells at 3,000gns.

Lot 239 Alexander J Norrie’s Wrae Big Bad Bob L193, sired by Lorabar Rob Roy and out of Wrae Beautiful Babe, sells for 2,000gns.

Lot 240 Messrs N F Massie and sons’ Blelack Jupiter Eric L707, sired by Netherallan Peter Pershore and out of Blelack Jubilee Erica F442, sells at 10,000gns.

Lot 244, another one from the Massie family. Blelack Krusader L745, sired by Blelack Evolution and out of Kincare Katherine F025, sells at 8,500gns.