Stirling (Perth) Aberdeen-Angus preview

Well, it’s that time of year again and there is just a week left until the first round of the spring bull sales at Stirling kicks off. So, as has rapidly become tradition here on Taking Stock I’ve been through the catalogues available to provide you with a preview to spark some discussion, although hopefully not in the same vein as last year’s debate!!

First up is the Aberdeen-Angus catalogue, and I have to say it’s been a good read, there look to be, from the pedigrees and figures, some interesting bulls forward. But, there is one thing starting to worry me about the Angus and that’s the calving figures. There are, for my mind, too many negative calving ease figures creeping into the Angus and that’s something the breed may want to address before its easy calving reputation is harmed too much.

Right, now down to business and here goes with my first pick, Belhaven Eightsome Reel (lot 61) from John Gilmour. This is by MF Destroyer and out of Young Dale Elba, a Young Dale Kruggerand 2H daughter. This ET bred bull has a TSI of +41 and an SRI of +52.

Next up is Jerusalem Fibonacci (lot 70). This is by Blelack Blacksmith and out of Jerusalem Frances, a Royal Stockman daughter out of Netherton Frances. He has a TSI of +19 and an SRI of +26.

Then it is on to Duncanziemere Edwin (lot 92), he is by Newcairnie Pastor and out of Duncanziemere Edwina, a Rawburn Transformer daughter. He has a TSI of +34 and an SRI of +48.

After that I’ve marked the first I’ve picked from the Massies, Blelack Principal (lot 112). This is by Netherallan Peter Pershore and out of Blelack Princess, a Blelack Blackstock daughter. His TSI is +34 and his SRI is +45. To be honest it would have been possible to pick pretty much any of the Blelack bulls, particularly the Peter sons, but I’ve tried to limit myself on numbers picked.

Moving on its Lakewood Duke Arrazamatazz (lot 118) which is next marked for me. He’s by Rawburn Evolution and out of Lakewood Duchess Avalon, a Rawburn Transformer daughter. This has a TSI of +39 and an SRI of +57.

Following that I’ve marked another from the Massies, Blelack Brigadier. This is by Peter Pershore and out of Blelack Blaeberry, a maternal sister to previous Perth champion Black Beret. He comes with a TSI of +34 and an SRI of +50.

Then I’ve picked Tonley Anelka (lot 153), this is by Hurdcott Elixier and out of Tonley Annie, dam of last year’s junior and reserve overall champion Tonley Alonso. He was yearling champion at the Black Beauty and has a TSI of +32 and an SRI of +37.

A bull with massive figures draws the eye next, being Deveron Jackson Eric (lot 154). This Blackhaugh Easy Peasy son is out of Deveron Jacqueline Erica, a Bramley Grange Black Brindley daughter and has a TSI of +47 and a huge SRI of +63. He was also Black Beauty bull calf champion.

Next on the list for me is Idvies Jarvis Eric (lot 168). A Rawburn Rommel son he is out of Idvies Juana Erica, a Castle of Mey Elscot daughter which has bred well for the Idvies herd, including Idvies Jester Eric which sold to Lockerley for a five figure sum. He has a TSI of +37 and an SRI of +47.

I’m then drawn to what looks to be the only red entry in the catalogue, Ballavitchel Red Emperor (lot 172). This Halbeath Panther son is out of Red Ellan of Carnagrie, a Hurdcott Pink Guardian daughter and has a TSI of +21 and an SRI of +25. He might just be worth look, having made the trip from the Isle of Mann.

The sole entry from the Rawburn herd is next on the draw, being Rawburn Justice Eric (lot 174). He’s by Rawburn Randolph and out of Rawburn Julie Erica, a Rawburn Lord Ross daughter. This one comes with a TSI of +52 and an SRI of +62.

After that it is on to Belhaven Etonboy (lot 180). This is one of four ET brothers entered in the sale by John Gilmour and is by KMK Alliance and out of BJ’s Erica, a Roth Regulator daughter. He comes with the highest figures of the four, being a TSI of +35 and an SRI of +46.

One from David Ismail is next, Fordel Dunkirk (lot 187). He’s by Fordel Destiny and out of Fordel Duchess, a Lord Forteviot of Tullyfergus daughter. This has a TSI of +35 and an SRI of +54. Much like the Blelack string you could pick any of the Fordel bulls on paper and probably not be too far wrong.

It’s a bit of a jump to the next pick then, with it being Idvies Kollar (lot 203). This is a Rawburn Rommel son out of Halbeath Kim, a TLA Northern Samurai daughter out of Kim of Fordafourie. This one has quality on both sides and will be one to see, if he lives up to his pedigree. His TSI is +36 and his SRI is +42.

We’re getting on through the bulls now and here’s the second to last pick from me, McCornick Bluray (lot 223). This is by Rawburn Lord Ross and out of Huxton Bloom, a Rawburn El CID daughter. He has a TSI of +32 and an SRI of +42.

And the final choice for me is Mosston Muir Elgin (lot 225). This Hallington Walter son is out of Mosston Muir Elsie, Tom Rennie’s show cow from last year. He has a TSI of +40 and an SRI of +52.

So, that’s my pick, and no doubt you’ll have noticed that I’ve not picked a Netherton bull in my selection. I understand that all the Netherton entries have been sold prior to the sale, so I’ve not selected them on the basis that they won’t be there.

Now it’s over to you to see what you like the look of that I may have missed, as ever this is just my selection, so feel free to add your thoughts below……