Stirling (Perth) Limousin preview

As with the Angus, I’ve had a look through the Limousin catalogue for Stirling too, so here’s my selection from what’s entered. Once again feel free to add your own picks below and we’ll see what you think I’ve missed…

First up on my list is Haltcliffe Espagnol (lot 336), this is by Sympa and out of a full sister to 100,000gns bull Haltcliffe Vermount and has a beef value of +31.

Following that is Emslies Excalibur (lot 339), a Rocky son out of Ballymoney Noisette, making him a maternal brother to 2009 RWAS interbreed champion Ballymoney Veronica. He has a beef value of +40.

Then it’s on to Ronick Expert (lot 354), this Ashollow Bombshell son is out of Ronick Ainsi, a Baliea Olympia daughter from one of Ronick’s best female lines, and has a beef value of +25.

After that I’ve picked Kaprico Euclid (lot 356), a Wilodge Tonka son out of Kaprico Cymbeline, a Haltcliffe Ullswater daughter. This combines Sympa, Tonka and Hawk in his pedigree, making him an interesting combination of Limousin genetics.

Following that is my first black bull, Greensons Black Empire (lot 361). This one again combines some interesting bloodlines, being by Towthorpe Baron, an Ideal son, and out of Greensons Virka, which goes back to SLVL Beef and Greensons Gigolo. He has a beef value of +36.

Sticking with similar lines is Elrick Empire (lot 363), this is Gigolo son out of Elrick Masterpiece, a Bedell Maurice daughter. He has a beef value of +35.

Another black is next, being Knock Black Ellis (lot 370). this is Carnew Arkle and out of Newhouse Upstate, a Greenwood Poll Homerun daughter. He has back lines to SLVL Beef and Ronick Iceman and has a beef value of +29.

For the line breeding fans out there, Allanfauld Emperor (lot 373) might be worth a note. He’s by Allanfauld Cracker and out of Allanfauld Venus, a Ryedale Paragon daughter which also happens to be Cracker’s mother. He has a beef value of +38.

After that it is on to Millgate Enrich (lot 388). He’s by Rocky and out of Millgate Ainsi, a Ronick Gains daughter and has a beef value of +39. The next is Grahams Elvis (lot 389), this Grahams Alexander son is out of Grahams Viola, a Grahams Poncho daughter. He has an impressive beef value of +49.

Then the next is the highest figured bull in the catalogue, Goldies Eagle (lot 413), this is by Ampertaine Bravo and out of Goldies Vitality, dam of 23,000gns Goldies Comet and £26,000 Goldies Classic. He has a massive beef value of +52.

Final pick for me see’s me back where I started with a Haltcliffe bull, Haltcliffe Enrique (lot 426). This one is by Cloughhead Umpire and out of Haltcliffe Valentine, another full sister to Vermount and has a beef value of +31.

That’s it for my selection and I’ve been fairly restrictive in my pick, so there’s bound to be something you like the sound of that I’ve not mentioned, feel free to add your comments below…..