Store cattle meet tremendous trade at Hereford

A tremendous entry of 302 store cattle – double that of 2014 – met 100% clearance at the fourth anniversary sale at Hereford Market last Thursday (18 June).

The top price bid of £1,490 was paid by A Morgan and Son, Steensbridge, for a Charolais-cross steer from D I Davies and son, Cilmery.

Prize for the best beast was won by D J Farr, Vedw, Rowlestone – a regular consignor of store cattle. His 25-month-old home-bred Limousin steer sold for £1,455 to Ian Sevenoaks, Walterstone, who also paid £1,345 for the day’s highest priced heifer, a three-quarter bred Limousin from H and H Layton, Whitney-on-Wye.

Several stronger steers sold well, achieving between £1,300 to £1,465.

Auctioneer Michael Evans said demand was strong and bidders were keen for strong forward cattle as the beef trade is showing welcome improvement.

“Trade was firmer than a year ago, most were up by £80-£150 a head. However, store prices are lower than 2013, when the annual draft of Hereford-cross steers from D C Phillips and Son, Peterchurch, sold from £1,270-£1,720. This year again sold well from £1,155-£1,350.”

Good smaller steers were very well sold throughout, regularly making £900-£1,225 (220p-250p/kg), and younger seven- to 12-month-olds made £600-£1,080.

Several good shaped Charolais-cross steers achieved £900-£1,050 (230-281p/kg) and native bred cattle saw a super run of strong Hereford-cross steers sell between £1,155-£1,350.

Other stronger Hereford-cross steers went for £950-£1,100 (210-230p/kg).

Smaller Hereford and Angus steers were in excellent demand with better sorts selling between £850-£1,020.

Other stronger heifers sold for £1,065-£1,220. Heifers regularly reached £850-£1,035 (200-232p/kg). Smaller sorts sold from £650-£850 (220-270p/kg).

Native-bred heifers were also in demand, with buyers keen for feeding and bulling sorts. Stronger Hereford-cross heifers hit £700-£900,while smaller sorts sold at £580 -£700, regularly making 190-220p/kg.

Averages: 164 steers, £951 a head and 225p/kg; 148 heifers, £849 a head and 214p/kg.