Store hoggs top £92.50 at Longtown

The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had forward 3,816 store hoggs and 487 in lamb ewes at their weekly sale at Longtown yesterday.
Many buyers were present, with stores meeting an exceptional trade selling to a top of £92.50 for Texels from Grassgarth, others £91 Dinwoodie Green, £90 Adderston Shiels; North Country Cheviot £87.50 Adderston Shiels, £81.50 Lowfield Cottage; Charollais £87.50 Dinwoodie Green; Beltex £87.50 Dinwoodie Green; Suffolk £83.50 Raby Grange, £81.50 Haithwaite; Greyface £82.50 Grassgarth, £78.50 Greenburn; Half Bred £81.50 Glendearg; Cheviot Mule £79.50 Solwaybank; Blackface £78.50 Crookston, £71 Alnham Castlehill; Hill Cheviot £76.50 Glendearg; Kendal Rough £64.50 Low Northsceugh.
Cast ewes sold to £97 for Beltex from South Mains, hill types to £82.50 for Alnham Castlehill.
Cast rams sold to £124 Woodside, hill types £78.50 South Mains.
A the Special Sale of In Lamb Ewes, there was a packed ring of customers present, trade was very dear and many more could have been sold to vendors advantage.
Shearlings sold to £175 for Texels from Airds of Balcary who also sold Greyface at £148.
Ewes sold to £160 twice for Texels and Greyfaces from Airds of Balcary; Suffolk £142 Grouse Hall; Lleyn £120 Castle Creavie; Charollais £110 Grouse Hall; Cheviot £73 South Mains.
Ewe hoggs to £110 for Dorsets from Airds of Balcary; Greyface £79 Spenceycroft; Blackface £70.50 Crookston Farm.