Strong lamb trade at Kington

A good entry of 2,200 sheep were forward at Kington Market last week with buyers competing for lambs in all weight ranges.

A good trade was reported on most lambs, however lambs on the fat side were less desirable.

Meated lambs sold at a premium. Lighter lambs between 39kg and 44kg sold readily between 1.65p/kg to 1.72p/kg and up to 1.75p/kg. The top price pen of lambs was £82.50 for some 55kg lambs from SI Rogers.


There was a smaller entry of 200 cull ewes selling to an improved trade with less numbers being marketed nationally. Thinner ewes were again more difficult to sell but sold at a price.

Ewes sold to a top of £93.50 for some Texel x ewes from R S Preece and Son and all the ewes averaged £55 a head with many hill and thin ewes forward. Tups and weathers sold to a good trade and sold to £80 and averaged £70. The cull ewes included a large proportion of thinner mule ewes and smaller hill ewes.