Steers top store trade at £1,240

Cattle numbers were building with 739 forward at Bakewell market this week. The sheep entry at 2,025 was lower than expected.

DSC01354.JPGIn the cattle sections trade was little changed. There were 411 stores on offer, the largest entry so far this autumn with steers reaching a maximum of £1,240 for two year old British Blue crosses. Heifers peaked at £1,210.

The finished cattle entry was up on last week as was the quality with some fine specimens reaching 240p and £1,435 a head.

Thoughts of winter clearly have caused farmers to weed out any cows that have passed their best and there were 135 in the OTM section with prices holding up well.

There was plenty of demand for the 83 calves available with bulls to £370 and heifers £296.

Lamb numbers were well down on seasonal expectations as producers hold off selling hoping for the price to lift.

That seems to have started to happen with the SQQ average at 160.7p and the best on offer hitting 196p/kg

There was no shortage of cull sheep with no fewer than 710 on offer with trade markedly better and an overall average of £63.32 despite plenty of hill sheep in the entry.

135 OTM CATTLE were forward with auctioneers reporting “good numbers and a cracking trade”. Overall average was 111.8p Top barren cow price was for a red Limousin from David Twigg, Bradwell at 167p followed by something similar from David Saxby at 166p and a Blonde from Mr A Smith at 166p (£1,278). Best beef cows remain as good a trade as ever selling over the 150p marker with second quality and cross bred sorts 135-150p and only feeders less money.